Management Team 2019 - 2020


The Chesapeake Harmony Chapter is governed by the Management Team made up of five elected members, the chorus director and one additional appointed member. This team is responsible for conducting the business of the chapter within the limits of the bylaws and standing rules.

The Management Team elects the chapter officers from the team's members. These positions include the Team Coordinator, Financial Manager, Secretary, Membership Coordinator, Public Relations Coordinator and Ways and Means Coordinator.

The Team Coordinator is responsible for the overall operations of the chapter. She coordinates all the team members to perform the business of the chapter and serves as conduit between the chapter members and the chapter, regional, and international teams.

The Financial Manager is responsible for the financial operations of the chapter. She manages the books, tracks the fiscal health, and reports to the team on the status of the chapter monies. She pays and bills, prepares the annual budget, taxes and financial reports. She prepares and paperwork for Regional and International paperwork and submits required monies.

The Secretary is responsible for the official correspondence of the chapter and for documenting chapter business and maintaining the chapter records.

The Membership Coordinator is reponsible for the Mailboxes, Membership, Newsletter, Roster, Sister Chorus and Sunshine Committees. Works in conjunction with PR/Marketing to develop plans for recruiting prospective members. Ensures that guests and prospective members receive information as outlined in prospective member procedures.

The Public Relations Coordinator is responsible for PR/Marketing Committee and the Chorus Manager. Prepares and implements a marketing/PR plan for the chorus to 1) get new members, 2) get performances for the chorus and 3) promote community awareness of Chesapeake Harmony and Sweet Adelines International.

The Ways and Means Coordinator is responsible for planning and developing programs to raise funds or materials to meet chapter's financial needs.

CHC Chorus Manager.jpg

The Chorus Performance Manager's job is to procure performances for the chorus via personal contact, telephone, e-mail or any other means of correspondence. She arranges the time, date, place, fee and confirms the availability of the Director and chorus members before committing to a performance. There must be a balance of vocal parts before the director will approve a performance. Once approved, the manager confirms the details with the customer and proceeds to coordinate the details between the chorus and the contact person which includes the various performance details (sound, stage, lighting, parking arrangements, and driving directions). She prepares a performance checklist with the details needed by the chorus members (costume, makeup, time, location, directions, song repertoire and script). It is the responsibility of the Chorus Manager to collect payments agreed upon for the performance.

The Visual Team Leader enlists chorus members to participate in developing and creating the planned choreo moves of the chorus. Makes sure there is a choreo leader available to present and teach the planned moves and answer chorus questions.  Encourage chorus members to participate on the visual team.

The Music Librarian's job is to legally procure music both written and in learning tape format. The chorus music library is maintained and controlled in the copying and distribution of chorus music to follow and adhere to copyright laws. Guestbooks are maintained for nonmembers to join in the singing.

The Costume Committee is responsible for outfitting the chorus in costumes and accessories which, while reflecting the personality of the chorus, are also comfortable and appropriate for performances and/or personal appearances.  Final decisions and purchases are made upon approval from the Director.  The Chair maintains inventory and provides new members with costumes as needed.